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Covid 19… Maskne and Dermal fillers

How are you all finding this lockdown? The first one was new and scary but personally, whilst absolutely necessary, I’ve found this one to be a bit of a chore but hopefully  the vaccination programme will avoid the need for further lockdowns 🙂

Wearing masks all day has it’s ups but mostly downs, mainly maskne ie acne and sore skin in the mask area.  We have found the Obagi’s  Clenziderm foaming wash (£30) and pore therapy (£30), both containing oil dissolving 2% salicylic acid, can reduce breakouts in as little as one week. Obagi’s wonderful  Hydrate (£40) hydrates and protects the skin from the rubbing effects of wearing a mask. The combination of using these products have been found to me very effective at controlling maskne breakouts

Dermal fillers, Covid 19 infection and vaccination has recently been discussed in the non-surgical aesthetic community.  There have been some, indeed very few, reported cases of mild to moderate swelling and hard lumps in some areas of dermal filler placement  (tear troughs, cheeks, lips) that, whilst distressing, quickly subsides.  It is important to note that swelling and lumps of dermal filler can occur with any vaccination, illness or excessive UV exposure. The current vaccination programme is targeting the entire adult population which includes the age group that mainly has dermal fillers.  Whilst research is always ongoing, current advice is not to have dermal fillers 2 weeks before and 3 weeks after your Covid 19 vaccination, Covid 19 symptoms or ongoing symptoms from infection. Previous dermal fillers have not been found to be a problem and there has been no reactions associated with  Azzalure, Botox and Profhilo treatments.

It is very exciting to be coming to the end of the 2nd lockdown and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again.

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