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The Veinwave machine is revolutionary in its approach to the treatment of:


Thread veins

Veins found on any part of the body


Skin tags

Blood spots


Large deep blackheads


The Veinwave machine is safe and has been medically approved for use on all types of skin.


It works by thermo-coagulation. A high frequency current passes through the thread vein causing it to fade with no harm done to the surrounding skin and in 87% of cases, the vein will ultimately disappear.


However, more than one treatment may be required to achieve optimum results.

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About Veinwave Treatment:

The treatment is relatively painless.

During treatment a slight pricking sensation may be felt.

No side effects/bruising or bandaging required.

The treated area will look pink/red after treatment but this will fade to leave a micro-crust which

itself disappears, usually within a few days.

Normal activities can be resumed straight away (post treatment).


Some thread veins on the thigh and leg area may not successfully respond to Veinwave therapy, due to the vein being too large or unsuitable for treatment. In these cases treatment with Micro-Sclerotherapy may be more appropriate.

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Image of Ann Marie Fitzgibbons

Independent visiting practitioner

Ann Marie Fitzgibbons RGN INP

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image of moles on skin
image of papulosa nigra on skin




Microsclerotherapy is an injection technique used to treat thread ad spider veins that are between 1mm to 3.5mm. These unsightly clusters of red and purple veins appear mainly on the thighs, legs and feet of both men and women.


The procedure consists of a very fine needle being used to accurately inject a solution in to the thread/spider vein to be treated. This causes the vein walls to shrink and collapse, healing then follows and the vein gradually fades over a period of time.


After the procedure it is necessary to wear compression stockings or tights for the first 72 hours.


Depending on the number and size of thread/spider veins to be treated, several sessions may be required to achieve optimal results for personal satisfaction. In some cases compression hosiery may be necessary for 28 days.


image of skin tag


image of thread veins


Please note that Veinwave and microsclerotherapy treatments are carried out by our visiting nurse practitioner, Annmarie Fitzgibbons RGN INP,  and are totally independent of  Skin Deep Rejuvenation Therapies.

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