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Acne is an extremely prevalent and often distressing chronic skin condition; almost everyone has symptoms at some point in their lives. Those of us who may have escaped acne in their teens may develop persistent adult-onset acne as we get older. Women are more likely than men to have mild to moderate forms of acne into their 30s and beyond. It is characterised by non-inflammatory lesions, blackheads/whiteheads, and inflammatory skin lesions such as cysts and pustules. Acne can result in pitted scarring and depending on the skin type, areas of pigmentation.


The 4 main contributing factors of acne include:


 Over production of sebum caused by hormones, stress etc

 Blockage of the hair follicle by excess sebum and general skin debris

 Trapped bacteria, mainly P.acne, which causes inflammation

 Chemicals called poryphyrins, which are released by the

 inflammatory process and penetrate deeper into the skin


There are several ways to tackle acne, homecare products, antibiotics, chemical peels, Omnilux light therapy and lasers. Whilst no one can guarantee a quick result or total clearance, our Acne Management Programme offers a decrease in acne symptoms and side effects such as redness and scarring.


Our Programme for active acne is an 8 week course of treatment. This includes Omnilux Blue and Red light therapy, peels, designed especially for acute, chronic and resistant acne, homecare products and Accumax oral supplements. Results may not be immediate, but the skin continues to improve after the course of treatment.


For acne scarring we advise a course of FNS Dermapen treatment and specialised home care products containing growth factors to help collagen stimulation.


acne on girl's face
acne on girl's face

Before treatment

We know that sometimes budget can be an issue when seeking treatment.  In these circumstances we can offer advice on alternatives for example just homecare products or peels in isolation.


Unfortunately there is no magic cure or over-night solution for acne, however modern medicine and non-surgical aesthetic treatments can help with its management.

 Pregnant/breast feeding women

 People currently taking, or those that have taken it in the last 6 months Roaccutane

 Anyone who has a known allergy to any ingredients of products we use

Who can’t have this treatment?

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